Narrowest Building Anywhere

On Bleeker Street looking south with Mulberry St. to the left and Lafayette St. on the right.

Houston (House Ton) & Bleeker Streets marks the northern boundary where anybody who really matters right now wouldn’t live beyond.  This is also where the famous NYC Grid starts and why we have this interesting building point.

Broadway very early on became a traffic snarled mess.  The former Indian path needed relief and someone got the bright idea to turn parallel Lafayette Street into a northbound one-way and Broadway going the other direction and effectively doubling the lanes of traffic.

But land would need to be condemned so Lafayette could be forced through to eventually turn into 4th Avenue and continue up the island.  One of the leftover properties from the new street creation is this very narrow building frontage on Bleeker.

There is a coffee machine in the point so it is completely useful urban planning.


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