ManTan’s Newest Nabe - WeeLincKit

Not to be outdone by Manhattan’s Newest Neighborhood, “Chumbo” (Chinatown across the river from Dumbo).  Sigh.

Local realtors and developers have designated 5 forgotten blocks in extremely western Hell’s Kitchen as the newest, hottest place Everyone will want to be.

According to realtor Dirq Fitzpatrick from Executive Luxury Realtors, “the community has worked really hard to make these amazing 5 blocks, centered around the fabulous Silver Towers, the next place New Yorkers will pay anything to live in.  Local leaders have managed to get the Javits Center located just close enough to the south along with installing the wonderful Intrepid Museum celebrating America’s truly glorious military might.” 

He later stated the reasoning for the WeeLincKit name is “to celebrate the genuine and incredible historic connection between Weehawken and waterfront Hell’s Kitchen made possible by the truly awesome Lincoln Tunnel.  I can’t think of a better homage to the people who have sweat and toiled to make this neighborhood Manhattan’s newest and hottest.”


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