The Pressures of Greenwich Village

Pretzel for a Tourist?

The West Street Building - by Cass Gilbert

Finished in 1907, the 23 story building was the first tower designed by the Minnesota architect who moved to NYC in 1899.  With no existing setback codes, the building rises to take full advantage of the real estate.  The first class office building required foundations down over 50 feet to find bedrock.

This neo-Gothic structure would set the stage for the Woolworth Building finished in 1913 and it would be one of Gilbert’s crowning achievements.  He also created the stunning US Custom’s House at Bowling Green and the beautiful US Supreme Court in DC.

The West Street Building was severely damaged during 9/11 but stood strong despite serious fire.  The building has been beautifully restored and remains one of NYC’s best early skyscrapers.

Ancient Houses of Astoria

This pre-Civil War Beauty still exists under the modern layers.

Mmmm…  Mag-Nolia

Belvedere!  Come here-ah, boy.

Human Meat Grinder?

How to Stop Bedbugs - And Roaches

Diamotraceus Earth is just ground up marine sediment similar to sea shells.  The micro-granules are safe enough to eat, but are deadly to beg bugs, roaches, and fleas.  They basically dehydrate from the powder and eventually die.

Bed bugs are probably in every apartment building in NYC so sprinkle a barrier around radiator and all plumbing pipes.  Some people even sprinkle the powder around their bed and between the mattress and box spring.

Once you wake up to a bloated bed bug, full of your own blood, you’ll definitely need this.

The Best Mexican Food in Hell’s Kitchen.  On 10th Avenue & 46th Street.

Once you eat at the tiny deli in the back, you’ll dream of the food thereafter. 

Bryant Park - NYC

Set aside to be a park by colonial Governor Thomas Dongan in 1686. 

NYC St. Patrick’s Day

Getting into the Spirit.

Standard Oil Building - New York

Standard Oil was founded in 1870 by John D. Rockefeller in Cleveland, OH making kerosene for lighting.   With a group of partners, the company quickly extinguished competition undercutting prices by making backroom deals with railroad companies who delivered the product.

Gasoline, a byproduct of kerosene, was typically dumped into rivers but Standard Oil recognized its use as a fuel which would make Rockefeller the first billionaire and likely the richest man in history.

The company relocated to NYC in 1885 and was finally broken up by the Supreme Court in 1911.  The “unreasonable” monopoly controlled 90% of the kerosene market and half of that was exported around the world.

Greenwich Village

An early wood frame home with carriage house.

Don’t Walk - Look Up

Tree Torture at Battery Park City

Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges